City Alumni Network

Once a part of City, always a part of City

Once you graduate, you automatically become a lifelong member of our Alumni Network. We have over 140,000 members worldwide, including former staff. As part of our Alumni Network, you can access the following:

Professional Mentoring

The Professional Mentoring Programmes match students with experienced professionals to develop their skills, confidence and future employability. For more information and to apply, visit:

Alumni Ambassadors

There are a growing number of Alumni Ambassadors and groups worldwide.These are currently based in 50 countries,to help you stay connected.

Events and reunions

The Alumni Relations team hosts networking events, lectures and meetups around the world with the help of our Alumni Ambassadors. Come along and enjoy the valuable networking opportunities that our events provide. We can also help you organise class reunions.


Keep up-to-date with the latest news from your department with our Alumni Blog, regular newsletter and annual magazine. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Update your details

You can ensure we have your current contact information by completing the online form. Visit:

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