Research demonstrating Professor Christoph Bruecker’s studies in the biologically inspired modelling of a peregrine falcon’s flow was featured on BBC 2’s Natural World programme, ‘Super Fast Falcon’ in April 2018.

Professor Bruecker is City’s Research Chair in Nature-Inspired Sensing and Flow Control for Sustainable Transport and the BAE Systems Sir Richard Olver Chair in Aeronautical Engineering.

Professor Bruecker (left) with his award. 

With spectacular and breathtaking videography, the programme featured a peregrine falcon (the world’s fastest animal) in diving flight off the North Lake District cliffs and in the wind tunnel facilities in City’s Handley Page Aeronautical Engineering Laboratory.

The research earned Professor Bruecker a President’s Award for Outstanding Research Engagement: Media and Outreach at City in June 2018. City’s President, Professor Sir Paul Curran, said that Bruecker’s work had “significantly raised the profile of City’s aeronautical engineering research”.

"It is a splendid example of the way fascinating STEM themes around nature and aviation can be blended and brought to the attention of the general public,"

President, Professor Sir Paul Curran

Watch the documentary here.